George Clooney Arrested

George Clooney and his father were arrested today during a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy, ​​and the actor says he has asked President Barack Obama with China to end the humanitarian crisis in North Africa.

The protesters accuse Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir of provoking a humanitarian crisis and blocking supplies and assistance from the entrance to the Nuba Mountains in the border areas of the county with the Southern Sudan.

Clooney and his father, Nick Clooney, and others were arrested after being warned three times not to cross the line of police outside the embassy. Those arrested included NAACP President Ben Jealous, Martin Luther King III, as well as an actor and comedian Dick Gregory.

Several members of Congress were arrested, including members of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, James McGovern and John Olver, Congressman Al Green of Texas and Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia. They were handcuffed and placed in a U.S. Secret Service van.

Arrest was made after Clooney met this week with Obama, testified in the Senate and attended a state dinner for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Clooney told the Associated Press, before he was arrested, he could only hope to draw attention to the crisis in Sudan, but he does not know if progress has been made. He said he was impressed, though, with the involvement of Obama on this issue.

"It's amazing to sit down with a world leader who knows all the nuances of what is happening in Sudan," he said.

The actor said that he asked Obama to bring China back in promotion decisions in the Sudan. He said world leaders should "follow the money" flowing into Sudan's leaders to expose corruption.

"This is a time when we have a chance to do something, because if we do not, in the next three to four months, it will be a real humanitarian catastrophe," said Clooney before his arrest.

"It's such a silly idea I think that you are actually successful in any of this," he said. "But if it's loud enough, and you continue to do it loud enough, at least people will know about it, and you can not say we did not know. This is the first step."

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