Donald Driver is Dad

Donald Driver is Dad
Football star Donald Driver and his wife Bettina are the proud parents of a sweet baby girl named Love. Driver's wife went into labor one day before his game on Thursday. Seeking enough about the game, the driver said that he will not have to worry about going into labor Betina on game day, and can concentrate on their game.

Donald Driver is one of the happiest players on the field today, as he became pope. His wife Bettina baby girl on Wednesday night. Up to a joyous event, the driver was worried about his wife. He thought that, because of the excitement of the game on Thursday, it could enter into labor during his performances on the field. But now, those fears are a bad dream.

By WBay, the player need only 42 meters to get the Packers rank all time leading receiver. If he does, then this may be the third record for him: the main franchises receive the record. The driver already has two records that he can be proud of: a record number of catches and the other for the most consecutive games with a catch.

Speaking about the game on Thursday, football star says he does not want to think about the possibility of another record listed in the summary of his career, because the pressure is too much. "As soon as I get it, I think that someone will tell me. I focused on the output there and making plays count, when I have the opportunity," he ads. He also said that, even if it sets another record, he does not expect the game to end. As he said: "You're the wave, and every time the game can be, you can leave, knowing that you did it."

The name of his infant daughter, Charity, may have something to do charity work, and that the driver was involved in. Betina Since 1999, Donald is present in more than 300 charities in 2001, the family set of drivers osnoveFond Donald Driver.

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