So You Think You Can Dance Winner

So You Think You Can Dance Winner
Despite the strong performances of all four finalists, Nigel Lythgoe chief judge predicted that the winner of So You Think You, Can Dance on Thursday night would have been one of the two remaining women: Alex, Mallory and Melanie Moore.

Was he right? Victory or go to one of the men, Marco Germar or TADD Gadduang? Read on to find out.

Spoiler Alert: The winner will be announced later.

With 11.5 million votes, Lithgow was right: the competition boiled down to two women.

Melanie Moore has been crowned America's favorite dancer from the Top 47 percent of four votes.

"You two are exquisite dancers, you've got and it was amazing," Emmy-nominated host Cat Deeley said a double finalist - women as well as for the first time in eight seasons the show - just a few minutes before announcing the winner.

In the end, confetti fell from the stage and fireworks lighting up her face, Moore was crowned America's favorite dancer.

"Thanks," was the only phrase Moore could say, as tears streamed down her face before she was shot in the air the entire Top 20.

With 32 percent of the vote, Mallory took second place; Germar, third, and Gadduang, fourth.

Stiff Competition
What began with a pool of thousands of nine weeks ago, has been reduced to just 20 dancers vying for the $ 250,000 prize and a sponsorship deal - but in the end, only four could make it to the final.

Moore, 19, Marietta, Ga., has been a leader since the beginning of the season, when she was struck and Germar judges with their statues routine. With each new partnership, Moore jumped into the material and are often named not only a dancer, but the "actress".

Mallory, 23, Bakersfield, California, the contest is associated with Alexander Fost, a partner with whom she had trouble finding a connection. But as soon as she broke free, she jumped to the head of a package with the procedures and emotional - as the walls routine with season 7 in Kent Boyd - and powerful, like her lunch date with the 4th season in the twitch.

Germar, 22, took part in the competition after a shot in the shoulder a few years ago, but he never let his injury hold him back, and which, according to Judge Mary Murphy to be a "beast, like a girl." Own admission, "herald" Guam native was moved to tears at the beginning of this season, when his mother came to see him dance.

How Final Four only B-Boy, Gadduang, 25, of West Valley City, Utah, was considered weak, because he had to dance out of his style throughout the season. He is the only finalist who was always at the bottom this season, but his "cute factor Pie" has won over Murphy.

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