Powerball Numbers

Powerball Numbers

Wednesday was the big drawing of Powerball since no winners on Saturday at the jackpot.

It is now at $ 220 million! Convenience stores in Lynchburg say the car was pumping out a lot of Powerball tickets the last few days.

Here's how you win: You must match all five white balls in any order and the red ball Power.

Richland Hills Exxon employee remembers when his client hit it big.

"One of my clients once won $ 250,000, as right around Christmas time. It was good for them. It was great," said Sterling Evers, Richland Hills Exxon employee.

"I would have to resort to buy it and live there forever," said Daniels, Amberley, who planned to buy a ticket.

Now the odds of winning Powerball Grand Prize - one in 159 million and some change. But do not let that get you down.

Rooms: 11, 18, 36, 41, 46 and Powerball of 38.

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