Rose McGowan Rocks a One-Piece at 37

Rose McGowan Rocks a One-Piece at 37

We must pay tribute to her. Rose McGowan is still defeat in a bathing suit and shows it in the photo that appeared recently on the Internet.

That the shouting and Charmed star was up to lately? 37-year-old actress has not heard from a few years, but was named as an investor in a nightclub, Drybar, some time ago. You can check out a stunning peak of her in dark shades monokini and high-heeled boots in

It has long been a subject of conjecture whether the sexy brunette had some work to look better. In fact, a Google search on her name and "plastic surgery" reaps nearly 850 thousand results.

Despite this, her longevity in show business demonstrates that it is more than a pretty face. It showed a sense of humor and strong acting skills throughout their careers.

In any case, McGowan said a few months ago that she scrubs her face and moisturize as usual. Could this be his secret long fever?

Some experts suggested that McGowan has recently been an increase in lip and maybe some Botox injections, and even a boob job before becoming famous. But does it really matter? Should the public know every detail about the lives of famous people?

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