Kate Gosselin: 'I'm Glad to Be Divorced and on My Own'

Kate Gosselin: 'I'm Glad to Be Divorced and on My Own'
Her show was just canceled, and her marriage collapsed in 2009, but Kate Gosselin do not feel sorry about his tumultuous last few years.

"I know that I am happy to be separated and on my own," she says, referring to her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, 34, in an excerpt from the episode, Kate + 8, which airs Monday night on TLC, the final episode of the show will be aired September 12.

"I would not change my marriage because I have eight children surprising that I would not change," Kate, 36, said on an episode of Monday night. "But people change, and they are not who you thought they were and if they are not for you, move on. And I have."

She has no problem seeing her ex move in the same way.

"I do not care if his girlfriend changes weekly, yearly, monthly," Kate says in the clip. "I do not give it a second thought ... more power to him."

Laughing at the thought of having any kind of "jealousy" over the current life of love, John, Kate explains that her interactions with them are rare.

"If I have to deal with it, with kids, I do not [deal with], which is good because it keeps the peace," she says. "I always e-mail, calling or copied, anything - just for children, better for the children."

But backing up that she told people in June, Kate says that her ex has at least made positive changes in their lives since they were divided.

"It works now, so it definitely distracted elsewhere, and that's good," she says in the clip. "And he held it two weekends a month. And the kids come home happy and that's good."

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