There is no peace, but the health of Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Macklin

There is no peace, but the health of Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Macklin

Tuesday came and went, not an upgrade of a mystery illness Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Macklin in.

Eagles fans looking forward to the day after his older brother McLean, Andre, told Sporting News on Monday that there would be some light shed on the situation on Tuesday. McLean was a hot topic on radio talk and Twitter throughout the day.

McLean, Eagles second leading receiver last season with 70 catches for 964 yards, was not engaged at all during the Eagles' three-week training camp at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa. He was in uniform on the sidelines for some of the workouts, but he left in the past Thursday undergo additional testing in his hometown of St. Louis.

McLean, 23, was a battle with mononucleosis after last season, which took about a month to overcome, but he recovered well enough to participate in almost all the Eagles' voluntary workouts in South Jersey during the lockout NFL.

The Eagles refused to discuss his condition, saying only that he is undergoing more tests.

But Tuesday was a day when the situation finally be explained.

"They seem to be that we in order, until the gag (Tuesday)," McLean said Andre Sporting News on Monday. "But he's fine, he's fine. That I can say. ... I believe (Jeremy will be able to play this season).

"We will certainly have some news (Tuesday)," Andre said. "That's when we find out exactly what's going on."

But Tuesday was just more of the same.

"We do not really have an update for you," coach Andy Reid said during a morning press conference at Lehigh. "We're still waiting on tests to enter, and then we can you this information."

When Reid was asked about the statement, Andre McLean, he glanced at his watch.

"We're not done today," Reed said.

When there were no updates during the day, the Eagles general manager, Howie Roseman was asked in an interview on 97,5 FM in Philadelphia, if he thought that the news will be coming in the next 24 to 48 hours.

"I hope so," said Roseman.

Roseman and Reid have repeatedly said that there are details on the status of McLean that they can not discuss because of privacy laws, but they sure McLean will play this season. Roseman confirmed that on the radio.

"We want to share information with our fans and make sure they know what's going on," he said. "But in certain situations, it is beyond our control. Minutes we were all that we can share, we're going to do it. It's not like we are nothing in return."

The Eagles left Lehigh on Tuesday, and they have their second preseason game Thursday in Pittsburgh. After that they will return to practice on the NovaCare Complex in Philadelphia.

"We fully expect, Jeremy is part of our football team, and again, I do not want to go too much into it, but we expect that it is time to return here soon, with us when we return to the NovaCare", Roseman said.

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