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Ink Flip:

Ink Flip on Shark TankAndy Sperry, who appeared on Shark Tank to raise money for his Ink Flip business (It’s like Netflix for Ink), wants to share with viewers what happens after his Shark Tank experience.

Andy has started a blog that will answer the question – “What happens to Ink Flip after the tank?”

The entrepreneur wrote about his Shark Tank experience on the blog, which can be found here:

ABC has decided to peg me as "the guy who was unprepared". For those of you who know me I'm sure you're chuckling right now as I tend to be VERY hard to catch off guard… I was ready for any reasonable question they threw my way.

The problem was, the main question they wanted me to answer was one that anyone with any kind of business IQ would agree is impossible to answer without first raising money, which was why I was there in the first place. Indeed, this was a "chicken or egg" moment.

Andy also says, “[I’ll be] posting follow up information to let you know what happens when an "unprepared" entrepreneur from Nashville gets his 15 minutes of fame!”

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