Joe Paterno's legacy tarnished after Louis Freeh's report condemns legendary coach

He was once considered untouchable, unmatched legend in the history of American football, a man whose character was unassailable, and his record unapproached.

At 9:00 am on Thursday, with the release of damaging report, former FBI Director Louis Freeh at Penn State, Joe Paterno and role in the scandal Jerry Sandusky, everything began to change.

Following the requirements of fries that Paterno took no action after said at least two cases of abuse of young boys on the Sandusky, the legacy of Paterno is currently under heavy fire from all sides. The former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden, among other things, called for the removal of the statue of Paterno, facing Beaver Stadium.

Nike Chairman Phil Knight, a longtime supporter of Paterno, delete the name of the Paterno Child Development Center in the company's headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, saying that he "missed" the crime of Paterno.

"Throughout his career, Joe Paterno, he sought to put the young athletes are able to achieve success and victory in the sport, but the most important thing in life. Joe impact thousands of young people to become better leaders, fathers and husbands," Knight said. "In accordance with (Free) study, it seems Joe has made mistakes that led to the heartbreaking consequences. I missed that Joe missed, and I am very saddened by this day. My love for Joe and his family remains."

Free report said that Paterno - along with former university president Graham Spanier, vice president, Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley - were "not to take any action for 14 years to protect children victims of Sandusky.

"Our most sad and sobering conclusion complete disregard for the safety and welfare of the child victims of Sandusky most senior managers at the University of Pennsylvania."

Reaction to the report was swift on Twitter.

NFL Network analyst and former Tampa Bay Buc Warren Sapp Paterno slammed his message: "The statue should go # PennState".

Green Bay Packers tight end Tom Crabtree Twitter: "I mean, if nobody is going to do it, I'll take a sledgehammer to the statue of Paterno."

Paterno is also the name of the main library on campus.

Hall of Fame coach has never been a goal in the study of Sandusky, and after his dismissal in November after 46 seasons as head coach, he died in January from cancer to Sandusky went to court and eventually convicted. Penn State students and alumni strongly defended Paterno in the loss of a scandal with a student riot on the campus of Pennsylvania shortly after the overthrow of Paterno.

Thursday, the students were in tears, in the Student HUB, watching Free to publish damning report on its Paterno.

Karen Peetz, chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees, said in an interview that Paterno in "61 years of excellent service (PSU) is now overshadowed." A member of the board, Kenneth Frazier, who has appointed an independent investigation of fries, said: "Our hearts are heavy, and we are very ashamed.

"You have to evaluate each person in the good they did, and the bad things they've done," said Fraser. "We have to take some time ... and distance before you start thinking about how we think about life, Joe Paterno and the entire scope of work."

Freeh emphatically said "yes" when asked at a press conference on Thursday whether Paterno in the shooting last November 9 was justified. Exile was the beginning of what seems to be the collapse of the once golden heritage of Pennsylvania.

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