Eddie Murphy NOT Dead in Accident

 Eddie Murphy is not dead and has not been snowboarding today. Eddie Murphy is a victim of the familiar story of the death of a fake fan request confusion today. Fabricated the story, the work of the Global Associated / Mediafetcher, the actor puts on fabricated ski slope, falls during a vacation that did not happen, and dies.

But for experienced fans made the story familiar. The form of Eddie Murphy's humor is different from the Adam Sandler. But his death is a story about the global does not differ that were used against Sandler. Global used the same story of Eddie Murphy's death from other comedians before.

But for reasons not clear, Global is not rappers "die" on snowboards, and in a car accident. If you are a musician hip-hop, the story switches to the yacht. And if you're actor, the tale goes to the slopes, namely: Zermatt ski slopes.

For months, the fan confusion emerged from a series of such Global fabricated stories. Global uses a number of preconceived story lines, with a lot of alleged government agencies, airports, and even places that do not exist.

This is not the first time Eddie Murphy spoofed fairy tales to the surface on the Internet. The same story came to light it a second time in October last year. As noted by LALATE at the time, "It is not clear that the Zermatt officials to think about all these fake celebrity death claimed that occurred on the ski slopes."

Charlie Sheen, Daddy Yankee, and he Sandler are also victims of the same false story, only in the last few weeks alone.

In the end, if this route is 80 or Zermatt, GA Most often makes news. False Report Today it is simply cut and paste job. "The actor and the beginner snowboarder vacationing in the resort of Zermatt Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland with his family and friends. Witnesses reveal that Charlie Sheen had lost control of his snowboard and hit a tree at high speed," read the fake report of Shin. Murphy's report today, simply replaces tires with Murphy.

Eddie Murphy is not dead, as well as Lil Wayne, Mac Miller, Ryan Seacrest and Adam Sandler.

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