Seal Beach woman convicted of Impersonating FBI Agent

Seal Beach woman convicted of Impersonating FBI Agent
Seal Beach woman faces up to three years in federal prison for impersonating an FBI agent.

However, she avoided up to 40 years in prison, she faced if she was convicted of obstruction of justice, her lawyer said today.

Karen Elaine Hanover, 44, was acquitted of two counts of obstruction of justice, but convicted of impersonating an FBI agent on Friday, the following non-jury trial in U.S. District Court Judge Josephine Staton Tucker, Hanover attorney, John Early said.
Obstruction of justice charges carried 20 years in federal prison apiece, Early said.

"She was very pleased with the judge ruled in her favor on obstruction of justice charges,''Early said.

Hanover, who was arrested in February on charges clients $ 30,000 to provide them with information about the premier commercial real estate, according to the FBI.

Some of her clients felt that she did not provide any services and kept the money, so they complained to the FBI.

One customer said someone with a male voice called her, claiming that the agent FBR.Zhenschina Buena Park said her caller ID indicated the call came from the FBI office in Los Angeles, according to the FBI. Investigators said she used the technology substitution and the origin of the call in order to disguise her voice and claimed that an FBI agent, so that it can prevent dissatisfied customers.

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