Rick Ross suffers another seizure on Private Jet

Rick Ross
suffers another seizure on Private Jet

TMZ has learned ... The private plane Rick Ross "made ​​an emergency landing in Birmingham, Alabama, 2 hours ago, on his way to his concert in Memphis ... and we learned that he suffered another attack.

This is the second time today, when the plane in which the rapper was a passenger made ​​an emergency landing. We broke the story ... Rick suffered the seizure this morning on Delta flight that returned to Ft. Lauderdale airport.

Rick went to the hospital, was released, and then took off at 5:07 pm ET from Ft. Lauderdale, to make his concert tonight in Memphis. But at 5:44 pm CDT, the plane was diverted and landed in Birmingham after, Rick was the capture on board.

Rick is currently in hospital emergency Birmingham. We do not know his condition.

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