NFL Week 7 results, Ravens Vs. Jaguars

NFL Week 7 results, Ravens Vs. Jaguars
Jaguars took an unexpected victory against the Ravens, winning ugly games on the leg of kicker Josh Scobee.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Baltimore Ravens surprised Monday Night Football in a game, provided some interesting moments and fewer cases of actual, good football.

Maurice Jones-Drew rushed for 105 yards on 30 carries, but he also fumbled the ball three times, losing one at the goal line Voronov.Yaguary got all their points from kicker Josh Scobee feet.

Meanwhile, the Ravens fall surprisingly, despite the walk generally a serious effort from their defense. A lot of blame on Joe Flacco, who did nothing early and finished with 147 yards, just passing.

Let's hand out some superlatives:

Offensive Player of the game: No way around it, Josh Scobee was geroem.Futbolist hit all four of his attempts, including three (!) From within 50 yardov.Jags scored on two drives in which they could not move the ball more than five yards. It is thanks to a good position in the field and part of his kicker.

Defensive Player of the game: the best defender was football itself, which is squirted from the hands of running backs on both sides. Fumbles ruled the first half of this casual competition.

GIF of the game: Joe Flacco is GIF of the game, when he almost ran out the back of the end zone. GIF below to watch and get the full context of our Monday Night Football StoryStream.

With the victory, Jags improved to 2-5.Vorony fall to 4-2 and the fall half of the game for Steelers in AFC North.

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