Pat Robertson, infuriating the faithful with Alzheimer's comments

Pat Robertson, infuriating the faithful with Alzheimer's comments
Pat Robertson has made many contradictory statements over the years, for example, assume that the September 11 terrorist attacks were God's punishment for abortion and homosexuality U.S. tolerance. His critics are usually those on the opposite spectrum of the politically conservative Christian leaders inside and outside the Christian faith.

But recent statements by television evangelist - condoning divorce when a spouse suffers from Alzheimer's disease - seems to have offended many Christians who believe it violates the sanctity of marriage and that most treasured of the marriage vows: Til death do us part.

The controversy stems from comments Robertson made recently on the "700 Club" program on the network broadcast of the Christian. His comments came in response to a caller who said that a friend start dating other women while his wife is seriously ill with Alzheimer's disease and justifies this by saying that "his wife, because he knew it was gone."

Robertson said he agrees with the man:. "What he says basically correct, I know it sounds cruel, but if he's going to do something, he should divorce her and start all over again, but make sure it has a deprivation of care and someone is looking after for her. "

His co-host of pressing Robertson that violate the marriage vows. Robertson said that Alzheimer's disease "is a kind of death" and added: "I certainly would not put guilt on you" to choose a divorce in such a scenario.

Comments on Christianity Today's blog news has been almost universal in their criticism and disappointment:

"I am horrified by the response Robertson!" said one.

Many of the commentators said they were outraged, and told how they - or their mother or father - husband lovingly cared for Alzheimer's disease.

"Such irresponsible, callous remarks Robertson. My father took care of my mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease at the age of 55 years ... until the day he put her ravaged body in the grave. He kept his vow. Be ashamed of yourself, Pat Robertson."

On Twitter, Walter Price, who calls himself a pastor, said: "Pat Robertson in his statement WRONG Alzheimer's Un-Christ, biblical, unfounded so sad."

And Russell D. Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., wrote in an article in Baptist Press News, "It's more than embarrassing. It's more than cruelty. This denial of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

Robertson did not respond to an interview request from the Times presented the network broadcasting Christian.

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