Michelle Salahi was neither kidnapped nor forced it to Neal Schon

Michelle Salahi was neither kidnapped nor forced it to Neal Schon

Tareq Salahi claims that his wife is 96 months (ERR 8 years), Michelle Salahi, with whom he is in the news, a lot of time for all the wrong reasons, was kidnapped. The police say they have talked to Maverick lady and I know that this is not true and that she put up with middle-aged guitarist. But he did not believe anybody.

A couple stole the spotlight on their habit of cracking in all types of unwanted software, including one that was organized by President Obama to visit Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, his first state dinner after the entry into dolzhnost.Rassledovanie is still ongoing in the case as of as they were unwelcome in the White House?

The duo has been publicly seeking a couple who wanted to be in the news by any means. I am under the impression that they thought that their lives will be a reality show where they could resort to anything to win it.

Tareq Salahi yesterday went to the city, claiming that his wife has been kidnapped. But this theory was destroyed when officials said it was a 57 year old guitarist Neal Schon and rode with him on tour.

TMZ report says: "... is not stole ... Michelle Salahi ran away with Neal Schon, guitarist for the band leader Journey".

Tareq Salahi So you say now? Meanwhile, he later told his wife she might have been forced to do so.

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