Joan Crawford on TCM: Mildred Pierce, flamingo road, when the ladies meet

Joan Crawford on TCM: Mildred Pierce, flamingo road, when the ladies meet

Joan Crawford, Daisy KenyonJoan Crawford Turner Classic Movies "next" Summer Under the Stars "star. At Monday, August 22, TCM will show 13 Joan Crawford movies, in addition to Peter Fitzgerald documentary Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Movie Star, narrated by Anjelica Huston. ( It is curious that Crawford was nowhere in any of 40 + films directed by Anjelica Huston's father, John Huston.)

As MGM and WB star, Crawford is one of the most visible stars on TCM. Every week, there is something Joan Crawford movie or other on TCM - From time to time, some of them. Nevertheless, there is plenty of room for diversity, as Crawford was about 60 films between 1930 and 1950, about her (radio station) while at MGM (1930's and early 40's) and the World Bank (at the end of 40 - x). There will be more opportunities for diversity when TCM shows more worried about silents Crawford. She appeared in about 25 of them, very few of them have surfaced so far.

Unfortunately, TCM, will not be a single silent Crawford on Monday, although most of them gathering dust in the vaults owned by Time Warner. Sally, Irene and Mary, twelve miles Out, an understanding heart, Taxi Dancer, while others are waiting for someone at TCM have the courage to program them - even without musical accompaniment. In the end, it is better to watch a silent movie silence than the absence of silent films in general.

Among TCM Crawford car will be, I would recommend Mildred Pierce (1945) for those who never watched it, despite the fact that he is on TCM about once every two weeks, I think. Crawford, fully deserved her Best Actress Oscar and the National Board of Review Award, while Ann Blyth and Eve Arden fully deserved their Best Supporting Actress Oscar. The film was also the best film, although it strange (and unfair), Michael Curtiz was bypassed.

I should add that, Mildred Pierce is regarded by many as the "camp". I could not agree more. In my opinion, this adaptation of James M. Cain novel, a dark drama - with very little social commentary - the highest order. In fact, I think, unfortunately, that Crawford, one of the greatest film actress of the last century, was the victim of murder to drag the reputation queenization. I have nothing against transvestites, but the actress herself - and her often brilliant performances - deserve more respect from film scholars.

Curtiz at Flamingo Road (1949) may not be great drama, but it should be better remembered - and better understand - what it is. Crawford is particularly good as a "low class" dancer who becomes a member of a small town community.

Torch Song (1953) offers a middle-aged Joan Crawford displaying a pair of slender legs (although Marjorie Rambeau was the one who ended up with an Oscar), while the Shining Hour (1938) has a screen sharing with Margaret Sullavan. Both Crawford and Sullavan equally well in this beautifully shot (George J. Folsey) and perfectly watchable romantic melodrama, again showing the issues of class and the dancer from the other side of the track. Frank Borzage directed. Melvyn Douglas, Robert Young, Fay Bainter, Frank Albertson, and Hattie McDaniel are a great part of the drama, too.

Crawford, Robert H. penalty Leonard When Ladies Meet (1941), although by the time she was at the end of his contract MGM. As a result, the studio (and producer Leonard) clearly put the dramatic focus in this romantic melodrama from the beginner to Greer Garson, who will reign over the years, as the queen of many MGM. Caution: When Ladies Meet, which also stars Robert Taylor and Herbert Marshall, begins slowly. How to stay as drama becomes a very intriguing time Taylor and Marshall almost disappear from the scene, leaving Crawford and (now) much underrated Garzon is on stand their dramatic things.

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