Hannah "Glee project" recognizes the love of Damian McGinty, an Irish hearthrob

Damian McGinty, an Irish heart-throb at Glee Project "is the subject of love to crush a former member of Hannah McIalwain interview in Entertainment Weekly and Huffington Post.

Celtic Thunder star is in the final four projects that will see the winner have a major role in the upcoming series.

Hannah was depicted clipping hair Damian nose in one segment, a sure sign, she said she was in love.

"He absolutely knew that I loved him on the show. It was a known fact. It was one of those unspoken things. We talked about it, we work better as friends.

That's what good friends. Good friends pull the hair of friends nose. "

"He's a great guy, we're still very close, and he will be one of my best friends forever I think it's pretty funny, though: .. The way they portray it to show that this is kinda like I was crazy fangirl is only absolutely in love with him. He fully admitted to liking me back to the camera at one point. I'm not completely crazy. I might be a little crazy, but I'm not that crazy. Let it be known that Damian McGinty had feelings for this amazing ginger . He's a great guy. I suppose I might as well be honest. I do not want to show, so I'm not holding anything back now. "

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