Albert Haynesworth trade Mike Shanahan finest hour with the Redskins

Albert Haynesworth

The first time Mike Shanahan blinked. The great commander was defeated. Albert Haynesworth watched it and won.

It's probably some would consider trade on Thursday that sent Haynesworth, the most costly mistake in the history of the Washington Redskins, in the New England Patriots.
Some of them offer Shanahan gets soft in his old age. They will criticize him for taking fifth-round draft pick in 2013 for a two-time all-pro defensive tackle, who made nearly $ 35 million in just 20 games for Washington.
Not me. Not after what I've seen covering this franchise.

Shanahan did not lose. Adoption Haynesworth trade was actually finest hour Shanahan and Washington. In fact, in choosing to lose Haynesworth, he did something even more important than winning: He has a sound governance.

The next day the players reported to training camp, the person responsible for football operations,
Washington made the best soccer move of his tenure.

Beginning his second season with the Redskins and hoping to rebound after a failed first, Shanahan did what he needed to do in the next few days: He traded back to Minnesota Donovan McNabb on Wednesday, and then put the necessary distance between the Redskins and Haynesworth.
These two subtractions actually an investment that can yield big dividends for Shanahan in the locker room.

Haynesworth is not welcome at Redskins Park. Coaches and players were united in the belief that having Haynesworth, on the roster, even during the preseason, it would be very bad. Long-term team chemistry was in danger.

And with his assistants and veterans looking to Shanahan scored big.

He showed them that he can put his ego, if that is what a bad situation requires. He acknowledged that his presence just may no longer be enough to get everyone to comply. Shanahan once again stirred confidence, most of which was lost for 6-10 last season's fiasco, that the common good of the franchise is its primary focus.

After joining Redskins, often wax nostalgic about Shanahan on his days with the Denver Broncos, sharing anecdotes illustrating his ability to convince players to commit themselves to his program. He is clearly proud of his reputation as a no-nonsense coach who gets the most out of players.

But it was a different time, in far different organization.

Harsh approach Shanahan was once so well in advance of some players to become Pro Bowlers had no chance of success with Haynesworth. Not long after Haynesworth was the best player playing his position and pocket millions before the meeting Shanahan.

The drama Haynesworth last season, Shanahan seemed to ignore voices frustration throughout the Redskins' training complex. He was so engrossed in beating Haynesworth, some of the Redskins staff feared that he would keep disgruntled 10-year veteran on the roster the entire season in 2011 and
list him as inactive for each game.

It was a potential doomsday scenario, they say, because it would be foolish to commit $ 5.4 million salary cap number Haynesworth with all the cover is only $ 120 million. Coaches would rather put that money is better used. Registry location Haynesworth, players said, should be used for those who wanted to help the Redskins.

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