Amy Adams and Jason Segel team up for ‘The Muppets’

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" actor Jason Segel and "Julie and Julia" star Amy Adams joint forces for the new video joke "Muppets". A parody trailer called "Green with envy," debuted over the weekend to encourage the "Muppets," Disney's upcoming comedy.

"Envy" previews Adams leaving Sigel after he forgot my birthday. The declaration, which minutes have been made to prepare viewers for the next 'Muppets' adaptation. After about 60 seconds, Siegel looks into the camera and says: "Wait, wait, wait stop. There's the Muppets in this movie?" The fact that the entire trailer is no indication that the future Flick entails.

"Muppet Show" is scheduled for November 23 in theaters. According to the Los Angeles Times, the film show the best friends Harry (played by Jason Segel), and Walter, loyal fan of Kermit and the gang go from Smalltown, USA Tinseltown to see the old Muppet Theater, which fell into disorder after years of denial. After they hear Tex Richman (portrayed by Chris Cooper) explains his secret plan to close the area to oil drilling, Gary, Walter, and Gary important other Mary (played by Amy Adams), choose to save the historic site and get the Muppets back together.

"Walter, as I was when I was a kid," said Siegel. "His dream was always to meet the Muppets because they are the only people in the world, he had never seen that, as he did. ... It was neat to create such an innocent character, he is pure and naive."

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