Walter E Williams

Walter E Williams:

RADIO TALK show personality Rush Limbaugh is going through several tests as doctors are working on pinpointing the reason behind the chest pains he had suffered. According to guest announcer Walter E Williams, who presented the programme hosted by Rush Limbaugh, the talk show host is resting comfortably now.

Rush Limbaugh was on vacation in Hawaii when complained of chest pains and was rushed to a hospital. He was kept overnight for observation.

Walter E Williams said, "(He) continues to rest comfortably in a hospital in Honolulu. He had a comfortable night and he is getting good medical attention."

Talking about his condition, Walter E Williams added, "Those pains were the kind of pains that make one feel like he has a heart attack coming on but it has not been confirmed that is a heart attack. Today, he will have a complete examination and we will know more."

Rush Limbaugh had been scheduled to return to his talk show on January 4, but this might be postponed now.

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