Vonore TN

Vonore TN:

The small town of Vonore, TN is in the spotlight tonight after resident Vanessa Wolfe had a memorable audition on American Idol. In a segment shown before her audition, Vanessa Wolfe spoke about living in the small Tennessee town. "I really don't have a life...I'm stuck in Vonore," she said. "I can't get out."

So, what is Vonore, Tennessee really like?

Our research reveals that Vonore is a town with a total area of 11.9 square miles. There are approximately 1,162 people living in the town, which is so small, the high school was consolidated with the high school of a nearby town.

Judging from Vanessa's comments, there isn't much to do in Vonore, TN either. The 19-year-old fast food worker said she doesn't go to the mall or the movies.

But it looks like Vanessa will be getting out of Vonore, TN after all. She earned a ticket to Hollywood after her impressive audition.

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