Pants on the Ground

Pants on the Ground:

The auditions for this years American Idol have began, and like every year interest in the show has the Internet ablaze.

Vanore , TN, Jermaine Sellers, and now Pants on the Ground, all top searches on the Google trends list.
Jermaine Sellers, was a stand out performance in Atlanta, with his rendition of  “What if God Was One Of Us,” by Joan Osbourne, his slow R&B version got him through by all judges in an unanimous decision.

Then the next performance which will be remembered is the one of  “Pants on the Ground,” which was a tune belted out by 62 year old ‘General’ Larry Platt. The rap which he claimed he had written himself, he accompanied with a impressive dance, almost a break dance.

Simon said at the end of the audition dryly, “I have a horrible feeling that song could be a hit,” “I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear from you.”

Being that the cut off age for contestants is 28, Platt’s age instantly disqualifies him from continuing on in the show. Which makes one wonder why he was even allowed to audition?

During a montage after his audition the American Idol producers had everyone singing and taking part in playing up the song, with Randy Jackson getting in on the action, dancing by his side, and others chanting the chorus while waiting to audition.

Some other stand our performers, were Holly Hardin, country crooner Vanessa Wolfe, Keia Johnson and Brian Walker, who were all invited to Hollywood.

Next weeks auditions are held in Chicago, for potential American Idols.

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