TPI Composites

TPI Composites:

President Obama announced the award of $2.3 billion in Recovery Act Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credits for clean energy manufacturing projects across the United States. Total 183 projects across 43 states will create jobs in energy planning and provide wind energy and solar energy to the americans.

TPI Composites Inc is building a new manufacturing facility in Nebraska to produce next generation wind turbine blades. TPI Composites got $2.3 billion Tax Credit this year. TPI says the facility will create over 200 new jobs and will have a capacity equivalent to supplying 265 turbines rated at 2.5 MW for a total electrical output of 663 MW.  

TPI will also be expanding their existing manufacturing facility in Iowa. TPI’s composite materials are also used for lighter, stronger, and more fuel efficient vehicles. $52 million for world-leader Vestas to expand U.S. turbine blade production.

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