Taylor Lautner Dead

Taylor Lautner Dead:

Did Taylor Lautner die? Taylor Lautner died? Taylor Lautner is NOT dead. Fake Taylor Lautner dead reports are hitting Sunday evening.

Taylor Lautner died rumors today hit again as yet the latest Sunday afternoon fake celebrity death report. Before that it was Eminem. A few weeks back, Taylor Swift.

As LALATE has reported since fall 2009, something has dramatically happened in the fake celebrity death area. These stories normally hit once per week. Now they hit very regularly.

Like clockwork, every Sunday, at roughly 3 pm PST, a fake celebrity death report hits online - this week, just as predicted, just a different celebrity.

LALATE told you in that report that with every fake death report comes the same comment writers who opine the same madness like “there is no report that they are alive, hence they are dead”. And sure enough, within 10 minutes of the Jonas Brothers report, these ridiculous comments: “They are dead, I saw them die.”; “we have the links. this is for real.”; and “look at the facts that no one knows the whereabouts for sure of them.”

Taylor Lautner is alive. Eminem is alive, Lil Wayne is doing well, and Rick Astley is ready to roll.

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