Photoas Facebook

Photoas Facebook:

The newest and the hottest topic of the hour is “Photoas Facebook”. Allow me to reveal the truth about this “APP”. Photoas Facebook is no more than a spam and hackers are using this “APP” “Photoas Facebook” to gain access to the accounts on FaceBook.

According to my knowledge many have rejected this “APP” “Photoas FaceBook”, but people who allowed the access to the “APP” lost their control over their FaceBook accounts, at least on photo albums.

I was surfing over the FaceBook and I found out about the “APP” “Photoas FaceBook”.

How does it work? I exactly don’t know myself but here is what I found out about this horrible “APP” “Photoas FaceBook”.

When you click on to your photos a facebook pop-up came up and advises you to add this new type of “APP” for photos. If you click yes it would be a big mistake.

If you click “YES”, you would lose the access to your photo albums. If you click to add photos, the main screen goes gray in color and another small box pops-up with a list of folders with different sub folders.

The access to you photo folders would be lost.

What does this “APP” Photoas FaceBook do next?

The “Photoas FaceBook” send messages to your friends listed in you facebook account to install this “app”. Once this “Photoas FaceBook” app is installed on your account it will continue sending spam messages to others attaching your friend’s photos with the messages.

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