Greer Barnes

Greer Barnes:

Greer Barnes, jokes about marijuana, the police and many other things, would make some of us squirm in our seats. Not known for his political correctness, one thing the man is, and that’s undeniably funny.

Greers was born in the Bronx in New York City, and raised by his mother, and his Jewish stepfather.
This blend of cultures only makes for more depth and flavour to his comedy. Greer even received his Bar Mitzvah at the age of thirteen.

HE was then led into Athletics to baseball in which he excelled. And after being scouted by the San Francisco Giants, he really seemed to be on his way to better things, that was until he suffered an injury at eighteen that ended that career before it really started.

So he then decided to follow his second dream of stand up comedy, where Greer was quickly recognised for his talent, and he started to headline at clubs and colleges across the country.

Greer has been involved with commercial work for the NBA and the NFL. And he has appeared on Television on shows such as, “In Living Color,” The Late Show With Carson Daly,” Comedy Centrals “Premium Blend,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and “Chappelle’s Show,” plus many others.

Greer combines his love for baseball and acting when he appeared in the film “For the Love of the Game” with Kevin Costner

Greer has done commercial work for both the NBA and the NFL. His television credits include, “In Living Color”, “The Late Show with Carson Daly“, Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend“, “The Late Show with David Letterman“, and “Chappelle’s Show“, to name a few. Greer was able to combine both his love for baseball and acting when he appeared with Kevin Costner in the film “For the Love of the Game”.

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