Eminem Died

Eminem Died:

It's hard to say why people continue to search for information on Eminem dying. There's now a widespread search for Eminem died 2010, to find information about the rapper's rumored death. It may have started as a rumor on the popular social networking site Twitter, where several other fake celebrity deaths have been discussed. Those include Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers among others.

Eminem is still on top of his rap game, with the recent release of his new Relapse: Refill album. The rap star is still alive and kicking, despite people's attempts to release fake news of his death. In 2009, fake news reports were unveiled that Em was in a car accident which cost him his life. Those continue to be untrue reports.

One of Eminem's co-stars, actress Brittany Murphy was discovered dead several weeks ago at a very young age. Eminem and Brittany Murphy were an on-screen couple in the popular movie "8 Mile" which chronicled Eminem's rise to fame through rap battles. But as of right now the Eminem died 2010 rumors are just that: rumors, so don't believe the hype!

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