The Ringer

The Ringer:

The Ringer is a beautiful movie and many people like But he story follows Steve (Johnny Knoxville), who hates his job but after over two years of working, receives a promotion. His first duty is to fire his friend Stavi, who is the janitor.

Steve fires Stavi, but hires him to work around his apartment. Stavi gets three fingers amputated in a lawn-mower accident, and reveals that he doesn’t have health insurance, Medicare or AFLAC. Steve must raise $28,000 within two weeks to pay for the surgery to re-attach his friend’s fingers.

His uncle Gary (Brian Cox), owes $40,000 in gambling debts and suggests that they fix the Special Olympics in San Marcos, Texas in order to solve both of their financial problems. Steve, who competed in track and field in high school as well as being in the drama club, enters the Special Olympics in the guise of a high functioning developmentally disabled young man named Jeffy Dahmor.

Gary, assuming that Steve will easily defeat the legitimate contenders, bets $100,000 that reigning champion Jimmy Washington will not win the gold medal. Despite initially being disgusted at pretending to be mentally challenged, Steve goes along with it for Stavi.

During the competition, Jeffy falls in love with Lynn (Katherine Heigl), a volunteer for the Special Olympics. During this time, some of the other contestants see through Jeffy’s ruse. Since they also dislike the pompous, arrogant Jimmy, they decide to go along with the ruse and try to help Jeffy defeat Jimmy. Steve begins to feel guilty for his actions, and tries to confess his sins to a priest, but he is beaten up by him.

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