Private Chefs of Beverly Hills

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills:

Reality tv shows are on the rise in television shows right now. Aside from the famous tv shows from Endemol such as Big Brother, Fear Factor, etc. The next reality tv show to be aired is Private Chefs.

Private Chefs is a reality tv show about private chefs and the rich families who hire them. According to Wall Street Journal, the show is still in the formative stage, and we can’t name the network. But it will be called Private Chefs Inc. and the brains behind the content is Beverly Hills-based Private Chefs Inc.

Christian Paier, the CEO of Private Chefs Inc., said that he has already lined up some able subjects who would hire these private chefs. He knows a wealthy family in Napa Valley that owns a winery, an NBA player. Furthermore, he also know partying bachelor in Ft. Lauderdale, who owns a yacht, and a San Diego family that has a jet and likes to host fund-raising parties.

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