Water on the moon

There's water on the moon. Yes, you heard me right. Water on the moon was found by scientists. What does water on the moon mean? Will water on the moon really make a difference in our lives? These are the questions I sat out to answer.

First off, up until now our lives have functioned perfectly well without having to go in to outer space to see if we can find other water sources. With all of the other things that taxpayer dollars could have been spent on, one has to wonder if water on the moon is significant.

Believe me, it is.

According to Time magazine, water on the moon is necessary if humans ever plan on living on the moon. There would have to be some form of water source, as shuttling water from Earth to the moon would be costly and time-consuming.

Further more, ice on the moon could give scientists insight in to the creation of our solar system. Polar ice has given scientists many indications of how the Earth was formed, and ice on the moon could give even more information.

While water on the moon may not sound like that big of a deal, it really is something that could be the biggest breakthrough we will ever see in our lives.

Tonight, as you are looking up at the starry skies of Nashville, take a good look at the moon and remember - there's water up there.


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