Sammy Sosa face change

Sammy Sosa face change and Sammy Sosa new face. Sammy Sosa is flaunting his new look, a white skin that is gelling well with his personality. His detractors are criticizing him in harshest of words for it.
Some rumor mongers spread rumors that he was suffering from some skin disease, but baseball legend refuted the rumors and said he was hale and healthy.

He is a legend and has millions of fans not just in the US but many other South American countries as well.

And for many of his fans change of look doesn’t reduce the respect that he enjoys in their eyes.

To be true some of his fans are saying that he is looking smart in his new bleached look.

Sammy is the fifth of seven children born to parents, Lucrecia and Bautista Montero. His father passed away when he was only seven, so he had to spend a lot of time selling orange juice and shining shoes for cents in the streets to help his mother maintain the family.

In San Pedro de MacorĂ­s, Sosa couldn't afford a bat and a glove, so like many kids in Latin American countries he made a glove out of milk cartons, a bat out of a tree branch and a ball made of a rolled up sock with tape around it. Anything was done to play baseball or pelota like it's called in Spanish.

Sosa was said to look very skinny and "malnourished". In fact, when the Texas Rangers discovered him in the early '80's, it was those descriptive terms listed on Sosa's scouting report.
Sosa didn't pick up a real bat until he was 14 and played for several small leagues in Santo Domingo for fun. At 16, scout Omar Minaya signed the skinny kid with a live bat to a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers and gave him a signing bonus of $3,500. The first thing Sosa did was send $3,300 back to his mother to support the family and treated himself for the first time ever - he bought himself a used bike.

In 1989, Sosa's first year in the Major Leagues, he had a tough season. He batted .238 and hit only 1 home run in 84 at bats. During that season, Sosa was sent to the minor leagues several times and finally traded to the Chicago White Sox (AL) later on that same season. Marty Scott (former general manager of the Texas Rangers) now says "That's my only regret" referring to the trade of Sosa.


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