Jonas Brothers dead

Jonas Brothers dead:

Jonas Brothers dead? Preposterous! It seems not a day goes by on the gossiping world wide web that some celebrity actor or musician is presumed dead by rumor-starters. The latest to be declared DO (Dead Online) are an entire group, with a rumor that the Jonas Brothers are dead. It's no secret that the JoBros have a legion of crazy fans, as well as plenty of haters. So most likely a hater had some extra time and decided to play a nasty prank online.

Apparently, a fake Fox News report is circulating online which claims the three male singers died in a plane crash on November 20, 2009. The untrue report also claims that the pilot and other members of the plane crew perished as well, making the deaths total 12 people. But this is all false, and the Jonas brothers live on.

If this death news was true, it'd be announced on news stations everywhere and every teenage fan in sight would be sobbing her eyes out over the news. Luckily, the Jonas Brothers are not dead. Once again, a rumor has been started by some person with nothing better to do. So the Jonas Brother dead rumor is nothing but false, rest easy.


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