It s Your Life Francesca Battistelli Lyrics

It s Your Life Francesca Battistelli Lyrics:

My kids and I love to watch this show called “Cake Boss” on TLC. I know….what does that have to do with music, but hang tight it will make sense in a moment. This show is based around a big Italian family in New Jersey who owns a bakery called Carlo’s.

The “Boss” part of the title refers to Buddy Valastro, who’s in charge of the bakery and is the show’s “star.” It’s more reality show and less cooking which is always a hit in our family.

Well, we were watching a “Cake Boss” marathon last Friday when I heard this line from a song..”It’s your life whtcha gonna do?” and I instantly recognized the voice. It was none other than Francesca Battistelli’s and she was singing her song “It’s Your Life” for the final episode of TLC’s mega show “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ which will air tonight.

Now, here’s a show that’s been nothing but reality the last few months and to hear her song in the promos gives me hope for this broken family.

If you’ve never heard this song then give it a listen now and let us read your review of it in the comment box below the video. If you’re a fan of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ and have thoughts or prayers for them please feel free to share those as well in the comment box.

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