Glee Episode 11

Glee Episode 11:

New Directions is getting closer to competing in sectionals and on tonight's episode of GLEE, "Hairography", we were able to see how they stack up against their competition. Only Glee would feature show choirs from an all-girls reform school and a school for the deaf. One minute they're making cheap deaf jokes and the next is a touching performance of "Imagine" with the deaf choir andNew Directions. But that's what we love about this show, right?

There was also lots of drama, drama, drama, and a few characters showed their true colors. As usual, I can do without Quinn and Terri's baby drama, but I did enjoy Quinn singing "Papa Don't Preach." That song is a no-brainer for her, but I actually expected it during the Madonna themed episode I've heard is coming so it was a bit of a surprise. I thought Quinn and Puck made a good team – until his man-whoring ways were revealed. I wish she would confess to Finn already, but each week I have a little more sympathy for her situation.

Drama queens Rachel and Kurt were also fighting over Finn and it was sad to seem them both get their hearts broken. I thought Rachel's Olivia Newton-John makeover was smokin' hot! She most certainly did not look like a "sad clown hooker," but she didn't look like herself, either. How funny was Kurt's description of her look: "Rachel somehow manages to dress like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time."

I'm kind of surprised they didn't find a way for talented guest star Eve to sing. The Jane Adams girls were energetic, but is it just me or was all the booty shaking during "Bootylicious" soooo not appropriate for high school age young ladies?

In recent episodes we saw a different side to Sue, so I'm somewhat disappointed that she's back to her devious ways. She actually made a good point about believing in the kids' talent and eliminating the distractions. It was pure evil to give the set list to the competition, but we'll just have to watch and see if they actually use the information.

The "True Colors" performance at the end was beautiful and poignant, especially considering how this episode showed us some characters' "true colors." Tina has a lovely voice and it was great to see her take the lead. Plus, after the spastic hair flipping of the "Hair/Crazy In Love" mashup, "True Colors" seemed refreshing in comparison.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode but I'm impatient for them to get to sectionals already. There are only two more episodes left in 2009, so hopefully it will be soon!


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