Steve Nash headed to Lakers

In the unexpected twist that could put the Los Angeles Lakers right back into the title statement, two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash has successfully negotiated a sign and trade deal with the Phoenix Suns with the Lakers, who will co-operate with his Kobe Bryant.

A source told, that Nash, the New York Knicks are also pressing hard to complete the same sign and trade deal was swayed to join the Lakers after a strong push by Bryant and because the movement keeps it in the title hunt, and allows it to be in close to their three children in Phoenix.

Nash gets a three-year contract worth over 25 million people, the sources said, because the sun finally agreed to sign and trade him to the Lakers, which can absorb Nash through trade than they have been created dealing Lamar Odom in the Dallas Mavericks in December.

In turn, the Suns have four draft choices - first-rounders in 2013 and 2015 and second-rounders in 2013 and 2014.

Our agent, Bill Duffy, said the deal was completed about 6:00 pm, PDT

"After speaking with (owner) Robert (Sarver) and (president of basketball operations) Lon (Babby), we agreed that it was time for both of us to move in new directions," Nash told "I went up to him and asked whether they are willing to do in and trade with the LA, because it is very important for me to stay with my children and family.

"They are very worried and do not want to do that. Fortunately for me, they are reviewed. They saw that they were able to obtain funds for his team, which will make them better, the assets that they would not have had and it makes sense for them to to make a deal that helps your team get better. "

The amount of the transaction can not be formally completed until July 11 when the leaguewide moratorium on new business rises.

A source familiar with the Lakers' thinking said Dave McMenamin's team intends to maintain its core of Bryant, Gasol and Andrew on Bynum together for next season now that Nash will be in time.

In addition, the Lakers are no longer trying to keep point guard Ramon session, which declined from last year and $ 4.55 million his contract to become a free agent, a source told 's Ramona Shelburne.

Session was hoping for the safety of longer-term contract, but while the negotiations with the Lakers were positive, they never progressed to a multi-year deal, the source said Shelburne.

It is difficult, as well as on some levels, for the sun to help the person get to the Lakers franchise - especially after several years of playoff battles with them in the era of Nash - sources say that Sarver finally agreed to a deal after conceding the request of Nash to send it to a destination where he could maintain close ties with their children and still chasing a ring, which eluded him for 16 seasons.

"I could not be more grateful to the organization, and Robert, in particular," Nash told "I know how hard it was for him, and the fact that he was able to help me and my family in such a way .. . it means a lot and says a lot about his character. I will never forget this gesture. Higher and higher.

"Phoenix Suns are an amazing organization and the fans should be excited about their future. I hope the Suns win the championship the other day for all fans of the amazing and wonderful people in the organization."

Lakers won a deal to deliver the package of election, but sources say that the sun did decide to award Nash, 38, for all he put the success of the past eight seasons.

Send Nash in the team of their choice ensures that the parties participate in good terms after it has become clear in recent days that the sun leaves no doubt as free agents began on Sunday that they are ready to move in another direction, instead of determined to meet the requests coming from Toronto, Nash, Dallas Mavericks, Knicks and Lakers.

Knicks were equally high in the list of Nash in a login script, and trade - he offseason resident of Manhattan - and the Predators were originally regarded as a favorite services Nash after a quick registration of three-year, $ 36 million offer. Brooklyn Nets and Mavericks also pursued Nash, Dallas, in particular, after the network won the lottery, Deron Williams on Tuesday.

However, in the end, Nash decided that the chances of the team with Bryant, Gasol and Bynum, a three-year contract he had hoped for, and ability to keep the West Coast near the base of his children can not be passed up.

Ironically, however, is Nash said last week in a radio interview with ESPN NewYork 98,7 's Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco, it would be difficult on some levels to join the Miami after the Heat had just won the championship and familiar with the Lakers, after all his battles playoffs for the last eight years.

"In fact, I'm a bit old school," Nash said in an interview June 25. "For me, it would be difficult to put on a Lakers jersey. That's just the way it is. You play against them so many times in the playoffs, and I just use them as examples, and I have the utmost respect for them and their organization.

"I kind of had that tendency (to try to beat the best team), so it's strange, but as a free agent, you are free to go wherever you want, so I'd have to consider everything, regardless of past or future."

It was expected that Phoenix will be offering our new two-year contract worth at least $ 20 million, but the Arizona Republic reported Friday night that the sun "does not seem willing to meet (Nash), a desire for three-year contract." About the night last week, Sun officials immediately began to fight the understanding that they chose North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall from the 13th selection in the first step in the fight against the possible withdrawal of Nash.

Nash earned nearly $ 12 million last season and averaged 12.5 points and 10.7 gear for a team that, without a 20-point scorer, almost caught the last place in the playoffs Western Conference.

The most difficult aspect of its decision, the sources said, was refusing to Toronto, which made the biggest financial proposal Nash hoping to convince Canada's best player ever to come to the north of the border and restore the Raptors as a playoff team, in addition to serve his new role as general manager of Team Canada's men.

A source told, that Nash will try to convince a longtime teammate Grant Hill, one of his closest friends in the game, to join him with the Lakers. ESPN The Magazine Ric Bucher reported over the weekend the Lakers were one of four teams (along with Toronto, New York and Phoenix) in the race on the mountain after a 39-year-old recent trip to Germany to take the same enrichment of platelets treated knees that Bryant credit for its updated knee last season.

Lakers guard Steve Blake, who will backup Nash at the point, was delighted with the acquisition.

"I think it's great!" Blake said ESPN Los Angeles on Wednesday. "I'm looking forward to playing with him."

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