School bus monitor Karen Klein won't press charges, Greece police say

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Greece Police Captain Steve Chatterton said that the bus monitor, Karen Klein does not want to press criminal charges against teens who insulted her on Monday at the school bus.

The incident was caught on video and posted on the Internet. He went to a viral environment.

Klein, who worked in the area for 23 years, told police that she was happy that the school district to handle the punishment of students.

Chatterton all four students involved, 13-year-old seventh-graders, talking to the police in connection with the incident. All four teens took responsibility for his actions, he said.

District officials said that teens are facing disciplinary action. It was not immediately clear that this action will be.

In its history, the spread in social networks and media around the world, Klein has received an outpouring of podderzhki.Sayt was created to raise funds to enable her to leave. As of Thursday evening, he collected more than $ 335,000.

Greece City manager John Auberger Klein also gave praise, while speaking of the visible in the video does not reflect the community at large.

"Her response to their bullying example of the type of people who make our community great," he said.

Auberger also said that the city has no jurisdiction over the disciplinary students. "These definitions are based exclusively with district and school board,"

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