NASCAR suspends Kurt Busch 1 weekend

NASCAR on Monday suspended Kurt Busch one-week offending media.

NASCAR Busch said the behavior after the National Series race at Dover on Saturday, was in violation of probation, he was placed on after the incident last month in Darlington. Busch was fined $ 50,000 by NASCAR and placed on probation until July 25 reckless driving on pit road after the race, and quarrels with members of the crew of Ryan Newman.

This test is now extended until the end of this year.

The last sentence comes from Busch's confrontation with a reporter Sporting News after the race on Saturday. Contact us on the track with Justin Allgaier has led to discussions on the pit road after the race, and Busch was asked what is the effect on the probationary period, as he was rushing Allgaier.

"He refrained from hitting me [expletive] out of you right now, because you ask me stupid questions. But since I'm on probation, I guess that's wrong, so to speak," Busch said. The exchange was captured on video.

This is yet another bump in the road Busch is trying to recover from this season of the series of crises, ugly, which contributed to his losing his job in December, the race Penske.

Busch was the anger-filled rant on his team radio in the last year, which attracted public attention, the two sparred with reporters in September in Richmond, and then was caught on video by a fan, a reporter for ESPN's insulting for the season. The video was posted on YouTube, and Busch was fined $ 50,000 by NASCAR after it went public.

He and Penske Racing are separated by about a week in the so-called "mutual agreement". Although the majority believes Busch was dismissed in another embarrassing loss of the incident, he claimed that he no longer enjoyed my time racing, and the need to leave Penske "put the fun back in the race for me."

Busch apparently tried to make it this year behind the wheel of insufficient Phoenix Racing, but his talent surpasses the capabilities of its racing team, and this caused his character to get the best from it more than once.

This is what happened at Darlington last month. Flat tire caused the Busch administration to break with six laps remaining in the race Sprint Cup, and he went to the pit road for repairs.

As he left, he did burn a hole through the window of Newman. There were crew members over the wall and a hole in the road at the time, and they complained that they could be injured by the actions of Busch.

Busch also met with a car on the way Newman's pit after the race, and several members of the crew ran into Newman Busch, who said he took off his helmet and did not see the car Newman.

Newman went on the offensive after the incident, accusing the Busch administration having "chemical imbalance".

"It's easy to understand, and it's easy to say that Kurt blew the fuse again," said Newman after the race "I do not know why he did it and tried to run for our guys and NASCAR officials. And no one can. Circumstances, I think he lied [about Newman's car hit a hole in the road], and was so upset that he did not know how to cope with their anger. "

Busch, in 2004, champion NASCAR, acknowledged in December last year, he sees a sports psychologist to help him with his character.

That last sentence comes as Busch is a struggle for one of the places should be open later this year. He said that all together this year is about positioning itself to return to the top-level ride next season.

He also notes another suspension for the Busch family. Younger brother Kyle was suspended in November last year for two races in Texas, because he deliberately destroyed by Ron Hornaday Jr. in the race series trucks.

Kyle Busch had to fight hard with the sponsors for the race, Joe Gibbs, not to be dismissed from his trip after the incident, Texas.

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