Michael Jackson Still The King Of Pop Three Years After Death

Throughout his life, Michael Jackson has created a legacy that has shaped the character of the music industry. His influence on the world, continues to grow, even three years after his death. The king of pop heritage is not just lived in his memory shattered records.

Megastar has suffered respiratory arrest in a Los Angeles home June 25, 2009, and was pronounced dead after being brought to the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, UCLA. Two months later, the Los Angeles coroner ruled the death of Jackson as a homicide.

Below are the first seven of Jackson's musical legacy after his death, including the court, Dr. Conrad Murray, the success of Michael Jackson's Cirque du Soleil: The Immortal World Tour, and the growth of the daughter Paris Jackson as his father's "representative" to the public.

1. The success of posthumous music beats records (June 2009): Jackson's album sales have soared since his death, making it the best-selling albums of the artist in 2009. During the 12 months that followed the shocking news, Jackson has sold more than 35 million records worldwide. In addition, with 2.6 million downloads, Jackson became the first musician to sell one million downloads per week. He also became the first artist to date, four top-20 best-selling albums in one year in the U.S.

2. That's all going quite well at the Box Office (September 2010): Jackson's death put an unexpected end of cooking to a series of sold-out concerts in London, is scheduled to begin July 13, 2009, just 18 days before his death on June 25. Filmmakers and producers agreed to join the tour pictures of pop stars from the rehearsals, creating a concert film that's all. Shipping for $ 72 million, the film ranks as number 2, a concert of music around the world cinema.

3. Children of Michael Jackson appears on stage at the British Memorial Concert (October 2011): Michael Jackson's three children, Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket, appeared on stage as guests of honor in the British Memorial Concert Michael Forever - A Tribute Concert in honor of his superstar father . The trio submitted a preliminary taped performance of Beyonce, who sang in the Jackson Five "I want to be where you are."

4. Cirque du Soleil releases the Deathless (October 2011): The world-famous company Cirque de Soleil, began his memorial tribute to the show, Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour, in Montreal. The exhibition aims to pay tribute to the pop sensation, giving Jackson's message of love, peace and unity in the 90-minute show.

5. Dr. Conrad Murray is charged with the death of Jackson, was sentenced to four years in prison (November 2011): Jackson's personal physician was found guilty of manslaughter in the case of Jackson's death in 2009, and was sentenced to four years behind bars. Jackson family, is pleased with the outcome of the case, issued a statement saying that they are not seeking revenge, and the sentence, which "reminds physicians that they can not sell their services to the highest bidder and to reject their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm."

6. Glee pays tribute to the King of Pop (January 2012): A series of TV hit after Jackson's tribute to Michael Jackson episode at the beginning of 2012. The head of the previous shows Madonna and Britney Spears themed episodes, Glee tribute to Jackson's was jam packed with 10 hits of the stars.

7. Paris says Jackson with Oprah (June 2012): In an exclusive interview in the Jacksons' new home, Paris sat down with Oprah Winfrey to discuss her famous father, childhood and blossoming acting career. The daughter of pop star plans to continue the show business heritage and Jackson holds an acting career. It should play a major role in his first film, the bridge Lundon and three keys, which comes out in 2013. After years of being protected from the attention, 14-year-old jumped into the public consciousness with tears a tribute to his father at his funeral. Since then, Oprah called to Paris as her father's "Best spokesperson."

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