Barack Obama 'slow jam' the news

President Obama, is no stranger to night television, has appeared on NBC, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Tuesday evening. President of the slow jam news from Fallon and the home of The Roots, taking on the role of Brian Williams in a comedy skit.

Once the curtain opens to reveal Obama, Lisa de Moraes on TV column says the president of her feet:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: On the first day of July of this year, the interest rate on Stafford loans to student loans, many of you use to help pay for college, set in half. This means that some industrious students will pay a thousand dollars extra just to get an education. So I asked the Congress to prevent this from happening. As we have said simply, this is no time to make the school more expensive for our youth.

Jimmy Fallon: Oh yeah. You should listen to the President - or, as I call him, Preezy United Steezy ... Things are heating inside the chamber of Congress, all these closed doors. Thus, the President made a few discreet phone calls through the passage. He said, "Hey, let's get together on this." The college is becoming more expensive, this in itself is enough to satisfy all your needs collegial? Oh, no Pell!

"If Congress does not act, it is a student who has to pay. Right and Left should unite on this, as Kim and Kanye," Tariq Trotter sings, also known as Black Thought.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Now, there are some in Congress who do not agree. They say that persistence of low interest rates is not the way to help our students. They say that we must do everything possible to repay the national debt. Well, as long as it does not include tax billionaires. But our position is that students simply need to do the job rate increase. Frankly, I do not buy it.

Jimmy Fallon: Mmm-mmm-mmm! Barackness monster does not buy it. We all know that our legislators in the House, turning up late at night, but so far the Republicans do not agree and may even be a pirate. But if they are, according to the president, they're going to feel it, buster.

"The Republican Party consistently say," No, no, no! "They have to find something new to do, as Tom Tebow," sings Tariq.

After the commercial break, The Roots played Al Green's "Let's stay together" in order to reintroduce Obama, who sang the song back in January to raise funds. Fallon could hardly conceal the laughter while the later interview with Obama, de Moraes says:

"Fallon, who has been a dizzying Obama took the stage, starts to" interview "of Obama. And the" interview "we mean offering Obama deliberately falling when getting on Air Force One, because it would be really funny, like the time, President George W. Bush choked on a pretzel. Obama says that's not funny, but Fallon can not let him go. They talk for a few minutes to several Secret Service "Knuckleheads" with prostitutes in Cartagena, Colombia, and the media lead the fight to write stories about her, at the As they move to some sporting links and Fallon says he really likes Obama's house - "a lease," Obama says, Fallon giggling. "

Fallon joked about the investigation of a member of the secret service while stationed in Columbia, requested by Obama, if he was "having the best time hanging out with the Secret Service," David Nakamura of the 44 said:

Obama was a little more serious in its response.

"Secret Service, these guys are incredible," Obama said, according to a White House pool report interview. "They protect me, they protect our girls. Couple of Knuckleheads should not detract from the fact that they do. What do they think I do not know. That's why they are not there anymore."

The appearance showed that Obama could be cooler than the alleged Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Chris Cillizza of the Fix said, but it may not be important on election day:

At first glance, the coolness of candidates gap between the two sides would seem to favor Obama. After all, who would you rather vote for: the coolest guy in school, or Alex P. Keaton? (Yes, we exaggerate. But, you know.)

This is a cursory glance, however, underestimate the political difficulties "coolness" factor as it relates to President Obama and his proposal for a second term this fall. The reality is that Obama is "coldness" can (and will) be used against him by Republicans, who will seek to draw it, like all the substance is not a style - one who speaks well, but the game does not deliver.

"If voters believe the election day, Obama is cool, but Romney is a competent one, Obama will lose," said Mike Murphy, a California Republican consultant media. "We're electing a president to get us out of tough economic times, and not exhaust the king."

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