Mega Millions Numbers

Mega Millions jackpot
is now the largest in U.S. history, the lottery. By this Friday, anyone could be 500 million dollars richer.

Jackpot on Tuesday night was $ 363 million, fueled by weeks of drawings without a top winner. Previous record jackpot in Mega Millions game was $ 390 million in 2007, is divided into two winners in New Jersey and Georgia.

The game on Tuesday night, 47 players were very close, corresponding to 5 of 6 winning numbers. Each of those tickets worth at least $ 250,000.

Mega Millions is played in over 40 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Virgin Islands.

Winning numbers in the Tuesday night were: nine, 19, 34, 44 and 51. Mega Ball was 24.

The jackpot went unclaimed by 18 times from January 24 drawing, sending the jackpot to a record $ 476 million.

The next Mega Millions drawing is Friday night, but now it's time to buy tickets if you want to avoid long queues.

As the jackpot gets higher, the people who normally do not play to go out and buy a pair of tickets for this fantasy. And now, there are many people who dream big.

Whether it's confidence, or wishful thinking, the thought of winning $ 500 million, many people in high spirits.

"I always hope. You can not win if you're in it, so I hope," said Bland Jeron.

No match the winning numbers in the Mega Millions drawing Tuesday night.

The next drawing on Friday, but the environment, people have ramifications for a few dollars to cash in on the biggest jackpot in U.S. history.

Most of them choose to have a car pick lucky numbers.

"I think it's much faster to make a quick choice, and I never had any luck choosing his," said Minnie gay.

"I copied my sister to tell her I would buy her a ticket too, and asked her whether she had a special room, and she said just do random, so I made a random," said Krista Stone Manista.

Some players lottery in hopes of improving their chances to join its staff and buy many tickets as Steve Almandarz, who has never played Mega Millions before.

"One group of six of us, another group of four," Almandarz said.

The odds of winning that $ 500 million prize 176 million to 1.

But it does not stop people from depicting himself as a future billionaires.

"The next three days are going to be great," said John Bourjaily. "I'm going to go thinking that I won $ 500 million, and come in on Saturday morning, I'll be a regular Joe again."

Tickets can be purchased 15 minutes before the drawing on Friday night, which means sales could help to win over $ 500 million.

All the people ABC 7 spoke said if they won, they would take a lump sum $ 359 million.

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