Pat Buchanan out at MSNBC

Pat Buchanan out at MSNBC
Pat Buchanan has been dismissed by MSNBC, left-wing news network, four months after the channel has suspended him.

In an angry message on his blog, conservative commentator Buchanan took his criticism of the problem, writing: "After 10 years of enjoyable, I'm leaving, after the incessant noise of the left, which allows me constant access to microphones MSNBC will be abuse of honesty, and dangerous. "

Buchanan said that the calls for his firing began with the publication in October of the book "Suicide is a superpower: Will America survive until 2025," the decline of America, which critics called racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic.

According to his suspension, Buchanan cites MSNBC, Phil Griffin, president, says the press about his new book, "I do not think that the idea that [Buchanan] suitable for the proposed national dialogue, but more so on MSNBC".

Buchanan, a former White House communications director under Ronald Reagan and former Republican presidential candidate, has been with MSNBC, a political analyst since 2002.

On his website, Buchanan called it the overthrow of the "indisputable victory blacklisters".

Among the groups he cites as prosecutors: Color Changing Media Matters, Anti-Defamation League and the Human Rights Campaign.

In closing his office, he strikes conspiratorial note, letter, "I know these blacklisters. They work behind closed doors, with phone calls, mail threats, and out-of-record meeting. They work in the dark, because, as Al Smith said anything non-American can live in the sunlight. "

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