Senator Rand Paul Detained By TSA

Senator Rand Paul Detained By TSA
Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky on Monday found himself in confrontation with the Transportation Security Administration in Nashville, Tennessee, after refusing to undergo full-body pat down. Paul was later re-checked and booked for the next flight.

Senator passed through the scanner at the airport, but said there was some sort of "anomalies" with scanning and would have to get a full body pat down, the chief of staff Doug Paul Stafford told CBS News. Paul did not consent to it, and offered another scan, but insisted on the TSA pat down.

According to the Associated Press, Paul said that he was "detained" in a small cell at the airport, about an hour from its Bowling Green, Kentucky home, and missed his flight to Washington for a meeting of the Senate.

TSA controversial response that Paul was "detained". TSA told CBS News, that Paul was not arrested at any moment, even though it has caused anxiety during routine screening and refused to complete the selection process.

Passengers who refuse to carry out security procedures do not have access to a secure area of ​​the gate. In this case, Paul was escorted from the screening area local law enforcement agencies, according to TSA.

"When the irregularity is in the process of screening of TSA, it must be resolved before allowing passengers to proceed to the secure area of ​​the airport," TSA said in a statement CBS News. "Passengers who refuse to complete the process of examination can not be granted access to the protected area to ensure the safety of other journeys."

Father Paul, the Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, quickly tweeted about the incident on Monday morning: "My son is being held @ Sen Rand Paul TSA for failing to stroke the whole body down after abnormalities in the body scanner in Nashville more waiting.."

Ron Paul has left a similar message on Facebook, and Rand Paul's communications director Moira Bagley also tweeted the news.

Around noon, the official told the TSA CBS News, that Rand Paul has been re-booked on another flight and re-screened without incident.

Both Rand Paul and Ron Paul is known for its libertarian position policy, and last year, Rand Paul blasted TSA for unnecessary falls pat.

In June 2011 hearing, Paul said TSA Administrator John Pistole ", I think you should get rid of random PAT-downs. The American public does not suit them, they are unhappy with invasiveness of them."

After it was reported that young children receive intensive, random PAT-fall, Paul said out loud: "It's just very simply shows that no one thinks ... We must do more police work and makes it less universal denial of our freedom to live our lives so as we would want to live our lives. "

He suggested that there should be no "opinions!" Program in which people who frequently travel and as we know, is not a threat, as well as congressmen, not to be found.

Monday afternoon, Ron Paul issued a statement condemning the dispute, saying that as president he would eliminate the TSA.

"The police state in this country is growing out of control," he said. "One of the most important manifestations of this is that the TSA gropes and grabs our children, our seniors and our friends and neighbors with disabilities. TSA does all this while doing nothing to keep us safe."

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