Obama Sings Al Green

Obama Sings Al Green
President Obama sang Al Green on Thursday night to raise funds, in case you have not heard. Well, "sang the song" may be exaggerating - he sang a few words, actually. He stood on the stage of Apollo Theater in New York, thanked people for when he turns to the Green classic "Let's be together."

"Ahhhhm ... so in love with you," went to the leader of what used to be called free world.

Then he smiled and said: "These guys do not think I would do it."

He did not say who "those guys" were, at least in the video released so far. Perhaps he was referring to Spike Lee and his wife, who earlier in the evening at a dinner for Obama and donors willing to part with more than $ 35 000 per ticket in order to be close to the president.

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How did he do? His voice was good, but the sample size was small, only one or two lines. We'll say this: it is not Herman Cain. Now there is a (former) candidate for the presidency with the pipes! Here Kain Performance National Press Club last fall.

Now the fun begins: we pretend, overanalyze the political consequences of this act in order to suck his spontaneity and refill it with sawdust stuffing of punditry.

It is obvious that Obama was trying to send a message to his base with his choice of songs. Fundraising? The song "Let's be together"? He pleaded with his core liberal supporters to remain loyal and energetic in the upcoming election, although he has not fulfilled all that they want.

However, this approach has demonstrated its political weakness. It was cool, analytical, and not passionate enough. Why does he choose a more powerful, for example, Green's "Thou shalt be with me?" This would be shown more fire in the belly for the coming campaign. Think about it, he could sing Green's "Full of Fire." It would have been received the message.

What will the party? By not finishing the lyric, Obama revealed himself to criticism that he can not perform important tasks like reviving the economy. Whoever the Republican nominee, they can use this weakness in the fall.

Remember, we're making this up - do not send us letters about how we live up to a vision of Newt Gingrich on the media. If you have any other suggestions for a song the president had to try, please post them in comments. As for us, we were about the same as with the guidelines allow Pundit Association. Enjoy the show.

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