Nick Cannon Hospitalized with "Mild Kidney Failure"

Nick Cannon Hospitalized with "Mild Kidney Failure"
It is a sad time for the singer Mariah Carey has announced that his fans on Twitter, that her husband Nick Cannon suffered a "mild renal failure" on Wednesday morning. Carey is currently in hospital in Aspen, Colorado, struggling to help restore Cannon.

Twitter message was accompanied by photos showing 41-year-old singer lying on the side of her husband and helps him to drink fluids. According to her statement, the doctors tried to remove her from the room of Cannon, but they were unsuccessful. The singer is determined to stay on the side of her hubby no matter what.

She wrote on her official website that they are doing everything possible to stay festive, despite the current situation. She asked her fans to pray for the Cannon and keep him in your thoughts, because he is going through a very painful and difficult treatments.

Then she added that they were forced to stay in Aspen, as health deteriorated suddenly Cannon. Although the singer is in a hospital authority in Aspen, she still would like she was in her hometown. In the end, she told fans that as long as they are together, nothing bad should happen to her or her husband.

Dr. Brian Becker explained in an interview that the people of renal failure and how it affects the health of "Got Talent America" ​​host. The doctor told reporters that "mild renal failure 'medically known as acute kidney injury. Diagnosis is established by means of serum creatinine. If kidney disease, creatinine increased, while renal function is reduced.

There are many factors that could cause injury to the kidneys. According to Becker, Cannon, may have suffered from the disease, he could take the medication as excessive Advil or Motrin, or he could become dehydrated. The recovery period is directly related to the factor that caused the injury. If it's just dehydration, Cannon recover very soon, while kidney disease need time to improve.

Becker ended his interview with the good news for Mariah Carey and her fans. Acute kidney injury tends to get better, so there is very little chance of disease recurrence in the future.

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