Taylor Lautner "Out And Proud" Cover is a Fake

Taylor Lautner "Out And Proud" Cover is a Fake
Obviously fake People magazine cover on which Taylor Lautner reportedly announced that he was "out and proud" ricocheted through the Internet Monday, cheating the fans and even celebrities like Russell Simmons.

Photoshopped image of the alleged January 7, 2012 People of the problem shows, the star of Twilight, announcing that he was gay and "tired of the rumors."

Fake fake quote continues to cover Lautner said of his decision to leave has left him feeling "more liberated and happy than I've ever had."

While the Internet is buzzing, celebrities like Simmons, Def Jam, even fell victim to a hoax, tweet tweet Taylor greeting: ". Proud of Taylor Lautner for his bravery and courage"

After the implementation of an error, Simmons tweeted: "disappointed that people would joke about someone goes about their sexuality Let's Taylor Lautner to be what he wants to be...".

Reputation for People magazine confirmed the lid to a hoax Gossip Cop, stating lid "absolutely fake.

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