X Factor' results: And then there were 11

X Factor' results: And then there were 11
It turned out, their mother could not keep them in the end. The act was sent home to America
on "X Factor" was the first voter results show on Thursday night was ... Intensity - is a sprawling group of children thrown together when their individual exceptions Boot Camp, a Simon Cowell is stored in comparison with "Glee", as the rest of us thought, "Disney."

(Have 10 members of the group? This is why the "ten" was in all caps? I've never tried to count. And now, really, I guess it hardly matters.)

As young members of the intensity of crying on stage, even the owner, Steve Jones was forced to avert his eyes when he called on them ("Guys, I know it's hard to see ..."), the tape of his time on the show. Later, when the episode wrapped, he said, the intensity to be "inconsolable".

Poor children. We can not say they would be a lack of commitment and optimism. Or, as I know, talent. But I think America cares about the groups on this show about the same as me. That is not much at all. Since the intensity landed in the bottom two with an act that was not just another band, but one of which Cowell said on Wednesday night, "I do not think there is a band in the world right now that are just as good as you" . Low results are really for the group that received an (ironic) praise.

In any case, the upper part of the show, even before these fresh-faced children have their dreams cruelly crushed, Jones explained how the elimination of work: the top 10 vote getting acts will float until next week, then the bottom two will sing for the judges. The judges then decide what action would go home if the judges could not decide in this case, to act with the fewest votes is sent home. Got it?

Thus, after a seemingly lip sync number performed by all the top 12 acts, we were treated to the interlude, in which all acts of gushing about how incredible it would be in a Pepsi commercial. ("Can not someone get to be in the Pepsi commercial!" "Maybe we can make it rain Pepsi" "To this the possibility of such a huge blessing. This is a once in a lifetime!")

Then, just in case we had not properly caught the spirit of Pepsi, we were presented with a live performance of the song currently being used for its soft drink advertising: "This evening, night," the singer, who calls himself Outasight.

But, alas, rather it was "time seriously," Jones warned us, by which he really meant it was time for us to watch him struggle to read 10 ways to say "The next act takes place next week ..." and make it sound interesting.

Jones told us that he read the results in any order, but here's a specific order, we learned about them: Marcus Canty, Drew, LeRoy Bell, Astro, Lakoda Rayne, Rachel Crowe, Renee, Chris ...

At this point I started to worry a bit about Melanie Amaro. Will it show grind her hopes in the dust?

Then Josh Krajcik, and (thank God) Melanie Amaro made it through. Leaving only three things: the intensity, Stereo Hogzz and ... Stacy Francis.

If voters punish Francis for those gossip-blog reports that she had to sing some success before? (As well as Leroy Bell, you know.)

No, it is safe.

After showing off their harmonies fronted by lead singer wearing pants in a peculiar manner, Stereo Hogzz were safe, too.

Ultimately, only Cowell, that knee-jerk heretic, cast your vote in the way of intensity. And when Simon Cowell is your only friend, you know, call Pepsi passed. Sigh.

On the bright side, next week the show writers to come up with only nine ways to Jones, to say the "next act to make it through ..." So which is which.

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