Kim Kardashian Divorce Chris was "Chasing Glory"

Kim Kardashian Divorce Chris was "Chasing Glory"
Friends of Kim Kardashian is a mockery of Chris Humphreys, claiming that he is full of BS, when he said that he would like to have a simple life with her in Minnesota, because as soon as the marriage broke up, he immediately began "chasing glory."

They say that in the last week or so, when they started talking about the possibility of divorce, Chris went into full gear in Hollywood, talking about "branding" the name of Chris Humphreys with cologne, nightclub performances, and what is not.

And we said, Chris was pushing to keep their relationship will be, even if they ended their marriage ... and that raised red flags.

We are told that Kim was especially put off that Chris hired a publicist in Hollywood over the weekend to work on his image.

As previously reported, one of the main reasons for divorce was that Chris wanted Kim to move in Minnesota, but as soon as it became clear that she is not leaving Hollywood and the marriage ended, Chris is all about the very thing which he despised.

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