JR Martinez from Dancing with the Stars 2011 Win

JR Martinez from Dancing with the Stars 2011 Win
JR Martinez, who was crowned the new champion of "Dancing with the Stars" Tuesday night, in one of the closest and most exciting finals ever recognizes that the expectations before the show presented the winner's killed him.

"I told Karina ..." Maybe they just tell us already? It seemed that time was just last forever, when they built the tension, "the actor and war hero, said today on" Good Morning America. "" It's amazing. We were all set for the three months of this. To assume that [mirror ball trophy] was a huge honor. "

She was also the first victory for Martinez, a professional partner, Karina Smirnoff. "I think I screamed so loud I lost my voice. It's an amazing feeling," she said today on "GMA", "and that the person to share it with."

Martinez, who survived the explosion of an improvised explosive device while serving in Iraq that burned 40 percent of his body and danced his heart against the finalists Rob Kardashian and Ricki Lake in the final two in the morning. Lake, who led the pack after the first round of dances, surprisingly failed to advance the top two, finishing third.

Kardashian, a dark horse of the bunch who has shown tremendous improvement in recent weeks, he continued to dance the samba instant against Martinez. Both received perfect scores from the judges, but in combination with the voices of the spectators, Martinez was awarded the trophy mirror ball.

"I literally could not have asked myself to do better. I went as far as I could go," Kardashian, 24, said. "J.R. deserved the trophy."

All three finalists and their professional partners jumped on a plane and flew after the final night of the ball in the studio, "Good Morning America" ​​in Times Square to celebrate. Fans gathered to serenade the group, who showed a real sense of camaraderie as they answered questions from the audience and raised about what went on behind the scenes.

In between grueling rehearsals, the finalists said that they made time for fun, come to each other in the studio and playing pranks.

"We wanted to take a break, but instead to sit down, we would go to everyone else's rehearsal. Just try to keep the energy up to everyone," Martinez explained. "It was great, that on this occasion. He has never been competitive with us. It was fun, and we welcomed all in".

Martinez also loved to play practical jokes, putting a fake spider in place pro Cheryl Burke dancing shoes and hides Rob Kardashian, and mobile phone.

"For two hours he did not rehearse, because he was looking for his phone," added Martinez.

For a reality show, Rob Kardashian King, the best part of his week was the same rehearsals, where he learned from his routine professional partner, Cheryl Burke.

"I really liked the kind of learning a new dance. You start over every Wednesday, the worst part of this week, and then you have to learn a new dance again in four days, but I enjoyed it," he said.

For 43-year-old lake, which would have shed serious pounds and went into her own on the show, the experience was physically and mentally challenging, but incredibly useful.

"It really puts everything on the line. Your body is at the limit. You get emotionally caught up in it. You want to win. You know, it's very scary to do these steps before 20 million people," she said on "GMA".

"I feel like I am every mother ... and I feel like I live out fantasies of all those women who wish they could spend time to learn how to dance with Derek [Howe]."

Finalists can not stay away from the dance floor too long, putting back on the rack of shoes for dancing their stuff live on "GMA". They were also surprised with the greetings of the family and their friends sent out of the room, including letters from his sister, Rob Kardashian, and her mother, Kris Jenner, her husband and a friend of Christie Lake Dorothy, and his mother and girlfriend Martinez.

Dancers from Dance With Me Studios, a leading social ballroom studio, what is "DWTS" stars as Max and Tony Chmerkovskiy Dovolani call home made spicy salsa / meringue combo after the end of the holiday party.

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