Zoos Shocked by Ohio Incident

Zoos Shocked by Ohio Incident
Issue 56 animals in Zanesville, Ohio was rural town to the zoo, the zoo and had a buzzing business during the day.

As of Wednesday evening, this is the last number of dead and captive animals, deputies killed 48 and captured six.

Ohio sheriff says the animal owner, who carries a criminal record, was released the animals then killed himself.

Neighbors assumed the owner released the animals to take revenge on them, and local law enforcement. Now, we will never know whether there is truth to this statement, because the owner took his own life. But we know, the zoo owner said this all day.

Gretchen Mogensen care about her Bengali tigers at the zoo natural bridge, as they are her children. Ohio man to hear a set of 18 of his free Bengals shock.

"I've never heard anything like this happens once in a lifetime thing -. I hope," said Mogensen.

Mogensen said each animal is unique, and each animal will respond to freedom in his own unique way.

"It's going to run and hide under the car, he's going to go to the first person he sees? You do not know what he was going to do because he has never been installed in such circumstances. It's going to be in the air, you'll have with him address as it happens, "said Mogensen.

In his forty years, Natural Bridge, fortunately, did not see a way out. However, it has all necessary precautions, including tranquilizers and a double fence, which puts one more barrier between animals and humans.

The incident leaves a scar on the Ohio Business zoo, said zoo director Karl Mogensen.

"You may have one bad apple in the barrel, which just gets all the publicity and, unfortunately, it looks very bad for us," said Karl Mogensen.

States have different laws governing exotic animals. Ohio has some of the weak conditions of the country and one of the highest number of injuries and deaths.

"In some states, a little weak. In other words, you should be able to go out and buy a baby tiger as a pet or child of a lion. It's the same situation, you should not go and be clean and you should not 't go out and buy a gun, If you are not a handler, "said Mogensen.

Of wild animals in the wrong care can be a dangerous weapon.

The situation is much better in Ohio as of Wednesday evening. Ohio sheriff says the people out of danger, and schools can reopen. But the Humane Society of the United States criticized the governor of Ohio for permission to the state ban on buying and selling exotic animals expires.

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