Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, dies

Jobs, Apple co-founder, dies

Steve Jobs, co-founder of innovative Apple, which has made personal use of technology, as well as entire industries with products like the iPod, IPAD, iPhone, Macintosh computer and ITunes store music, died Wednesday. Apple, the chairman was 56.

The iconic American CEO, the impact of which many of them compared to the auto magnate Henry Ford and Walt Disney, who openly admired Jobs - suddenly resigned from his post as CEO of Apple in August because of health problems. He suffered from pancreatic cancer.

"Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world lost a wonderful man," read a statement on the website of Apple. "Those of us who are lucky enough to know and work with Steve lost a dear friend and mentor, an inspiration."

Chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, a former board member of Apple's Jobs best CEO the past 50 years - perhaps 100 years.

Seed business and a technology leader, success stemmed from Jobs' relentless attention to creating products that are simple and intuitive for the average consumer to use. His works are distinguished by innovative design and style, which, along with their technological utility, has made them the object of intense desire of consumers around the world.

He was known as a demanding, mercurial boss, and almost mystical figure in the technology community as well as pop culture. Author and business consultant Jim Collins once called Jobs "Beethoven of business."

He was one of the people who made Silicon Valley capital, technological innovation and the fate of venture capital.

Its creation as the ITunes online music purchases in a way helped to transform the digital music industry and dealt a blow to the packaging industry standard practice in music albums or CDs. On ITunes, consumers initially purchase individual songs for 99 cents. The music industry has not welcomed the changes at first, but after leading an intense struggle with illegal downloading, it has to rely on the business model created ITunes.

Work Jobs at Apple, and other projects made him a fortune estimated Forbes magazine in 2011 for $ 8.3 billion. He was number 110 in the list, Forbes, billionaires in the world and number 34 in the U.S., as of March 2011 the magazine estimates.

His death raises questions about, Apple, one of the most successful companies in America, can maintain the momentum he built as a mandatory source of technology products that have helped define the generation.

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